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Turns in turn besides maintaining safe operations

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Unformatted text preview: r tts efforts. Ringling has received accolades from numerous animal groups for their experienced and humane treatment of exotic animals. Turns in Turn Besides maintaining safe operations during performances. Ringlirig’s risk management program must also cover formidable transportation expo sures. Ringling has been transporting its circus by train since the lSTOs, and today operates the world’s largest privately owned trains, each of which is 53 cars long, including 32 coach can, 17 equipment cars, and four stock can specially designed to maxi mize the animals’ safety and comfort. Every week — and sometimes twice a week — each train travels to another city, hauling circus employees and their families, animals, wardrobes, sound equipment, props and conces sions. Since its entire performance opera tion is strictly dependent on traLn travel, transportation safety is an essentiaL component of Ringling’s risk management program. To further the goals of transportation safety. Willis Corroon produced a train safety pro gram for Ringling including a safety 1994 -7 5 C 0 video that discussed measures such as fire safety tips and warrungs about not walking between train cars, as well as safety booklets and other training measures The train safety program paid off earlier this year when the circus laced one of its worst disasters — a [rain derailment in Flonda that killed two circus performers and displaced 88 employees for whom the companyowned train is a year-round home. Two boys aged seven and 10 who rode in the same derailed car in which an elephant trainer was killed escaped by finding and removing an emergen cy window, to the amazement of adults who watched them emerge unharmed. When asked how they knew to come out through the safety window, the children said they had seen the process explained on the train safety video, which provided a detailed explanation of how to find the window and remove its rubber seal to push the window out. ‘.Vhen the tram accident .,ccurred. Ringiing and Willis Cartoon had a business continuity plan in place that greatly helped the company overcome the tragedy....
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