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So ringlings safety program includes a variety of

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Unformatted text preview: equipment is in perfect working order. Naturally, the safety of performers is paramount. so Ringling’s safety program includes a variety of other strategies to reduce injuries and illness, including nucri cionists who have counseled perform ers on proper diet and the tmportance of body warm-up exercises. beiore each show, and intensive safety train ing for dancers and gymnasts. As for Q Clown College, currently located in clowns, in 1968 Ringling founded Baraboo, Wisconsin. the home and origmal winter quarters of the five Ririgling brothers. At the college, aspiring clowns are instructed in the proper use of pyrotechnics, safety techniques for acrobatics and stiltwalking, and the way to perform safe pratfalls. Overall, this emphasis on performer safety has helped keep per former accidents and injuries to a minimum. After an engagement, members of the support staff disassemble the rig ging —a task that takes approximate ly two hours — and then reload the trains. Since their activities encom pass the entire range of workers’ com pensation exposures. Ringling’s loss control program includes detailed safety procedures for all high risk activities, as well as safety training materials such as booklets. So far, these intensive programs have helped RingLing experience, over time, a workers’ compensation rate modifier that dropped 60 points and is currently at an impressive rate of significantly less than 1.0. ‘‘...~-~..tNrr I At’ctst For Ringling, maintaining a safe circus would be impossible without including animal handling and train ing in its Loss control program, A typ ical Ringlirig show includes elephants. lions, tigers, bears, llamas, zebras, cameLs and horses. Obviously, aniniat care and training require the work of experts. Surprisingly, however, there are no universities or other educa tional institutions that’specialize in animal trW’ g’. animal trainers devel op their skills based on time-honored techniques developed over decades and, an some cases, even centunes. Ringling utLlizes positive rein...
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