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Whether by design or incompetence the managements of

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Unformatted text preview: he age of the old social contract is kaput. Whether by design or incompetence, the managements of many of the greatest companies of America' s yesteryears are today unable to keep their word. As Steve Miller, the man brought in to "save" Bethlehem Steel in 2001, put it: "We do not have the money to make good on all the promises made by this corporation over the last 50 years." So if you' re nearing retirement, or if you' re already retired and depend on your former employer to continue paying your benefits, it' s only prudent to ask yourself how much faith you have in your employer to honor its pension promises. And how certain are you that the company actually has the money to honor those promises? If the answer to either of those questions is anything less than "absolute faith," it' s time to start thinking about what you' re going to do about that. If your company won' t take care of you, and if your government won' t pick up the slack, then there' s only one person left who can make your retirement secure for yourself and your family: You. It' s a sobering responsibility, to be sure. But you' re not alone in this. At Motley Fool Rule Your Reti rement, we' re here to help. T hrough providing advice on investment, asset allocation, insurance, and a host of other crucial retirement issues, we aim to empower our m...
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