Kirchoffs current and voltage laws still apply and

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Unformatted text preview: cuit analysis proceeds as always. Kirchoff’s current and voltage laws still apply and all of the techniques derived from those still apply. In particular, voltage dividers, the node-voltage method, and the loop current technique are unchanged. Source transformations must be used with caution. Since the dependent source in defined in terms of a particular voltage or current, you must be careful about changing the definitions so that the overall circuit behavior remains unchanged. EE 442 dependent sources – 4 When using superposition, dependent sources cannot be removed. The dependent source must stay in place for all of the partial circuits you as consider each independent source in turn. When doing Thevenin equivalents, you cannot remove the dependent sources when trying to determine the equivalent resistance using the shortcut method. Thus, when dependent sources are present, the short-cut technique become somewhat less useful. As long as you remember those caveats for the source transformations, superposition, and Thevenin equivalents, everything that we’ve learned to this point can b...
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