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Week 1 Lecture 1 - Before Humans


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Unformatted text preview: sible ( both through Indonesia / N.G. and within Australian conKnent ) •  both iniKal and later movements dependent on development of boaKng technology Map from: J. Balme, I. Davidson, J. McDonald, N. Stern, and P. Veth (2009) ‘Symbolic behaviour and the peopling of the southern arc route to Australia’, Quaternary Interna5onal, 202 (2009) 59– 68, 61 Environmental Influences on Homo migra3ons •  out‐of‐Africa hypothesis is now widely accepted, with successive migraKons to other areas •  from ~ 2.4 m.y.a. a series of alternaKng glacial and interglacial periods have led to fragmenKng of habitats and isolaKon of hominin populaKons •  from 2.0 m.y.a. hominin speciaKon appears to accelerate •  controlled use of fire (~1.0.m.y.a.) by H. erectus assisted small groups to migrate (hunKng, warmth, protecKon from predators) Australasian Humans •  only 3 Homo species reached this region •  Homo erectus was present in Java at ~1.5 m.y.a.; H. erectus also present further east on Flores at > 0.8 m.y.a. •  also on Flores a populaKon of Kny hominins (Homo floresiensis) existed (95,000 – 12,000 y.a.) •  H. floresiensis thought to have resulted from long‐ term isolaKon and dwarfing of ancestral H. erectus •  Homo sapiens (that’...
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