Week 1 Lecture 1 - Before Humans

Humanmodicakons notethesesamefactorsaremajorinuences

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Unformatted text preview: s us) is the only one to reach the Australian mainland. Le_: H. erectus Right: H. floresiensis Possible Colonisa3on Routes •  Kme of arrival sKll controversial (delayed unKl technology for short oceanic trips) •  2 main paths suggested (a) northern route through New Guinea (b) southern route via southern Indonesia •  a_er arrival, iniKal southward movement probably coastal (more favourable condiKons) •  In Tasmania by 40,000 y.a. •  variaKon in skeletal remains suggests: (a) more than one source for founding populaKons (b) arrivals at different Kmes Very recent movements in the Pacific Design of Polynesian Sea‐going Canoe Replica of Polynesian Sea‐Going Canoe Major Features of Australian Environments •  Oceanic Currents •  ClimaKc Zones •  VegetaKon Types •  Biodiversity •  Human ModificaKons Note: these same factors are major influences everywhere Ocean current systems • Currents (due to varying water temps, densiKes) control regional climates • Global warming changing current pa]erns and further disrupts heat exchange Clima3c Zon...
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