Week 1 Lecture 1 - Before Humans

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Unformatted text preview: s only arrived in Australia recently (~ 50,000 yrs ago) Australasia – Geographic Extent Biological Barriers Human Evolu3on and Environment •  environmental changes have had marked impact on human evoluKon •  earliest hominins from Miocene Epoch (7 ‐ 6 m.y.a.) ‐ Africa •  during Miocene, Earth’s temperature cooled and rainfall decreased in African tropics •  woodlands and grasslands expanded •  changed climate and vegetaKon forced some primates down from trees Beginnings and Ancestors Sub‐Family Homininae •  Genus Gorilla (gorilla) •  Genus Pan (chimpanzees) •  Genus Homo (humans) ‐First Homo species arose ~ 2 m.y.a. ‐9 Homo species recognised – 1 survives. Recent Colonisa3on •  H. sapiens recent species (Ethiopia ~195, 000 yrs old) •  first dispersal out of Africa ~ 75,000 yrs ago because condiKons in North Africa before this so arid as to restrict migraKon •  iniKal colonisaKon of Australasia VERY recent (N.G. ~ 40,000 y.a.; Australia ~ 50,000 y.a.; N.Z. ~ 1,200 y.a.) •  several migraKon routes pos...
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