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Unformatted text preview: t and Consumer service reviews in a host of different formats. Blogs are personalized journals where people and organizations can keep a running dialogue. 7-23 Applications in Consumer Behavior Example of Online Viral Marketing Campaign Courtesy of Hershey Corporation. 7-24 Diffusion of Innovations Diffusion An innovation is an idea, practice, or product perceived to be innovation new by the relevant individual or group. The manner by which a new product spreads through a market is basically a group phenomenon. New products can be placed on a continuum from no change to radical change, depending on the market’s perception. 7-25 Diffusion of Innovations Diffusion Categories of Innovation Adoption Process Diffusion Rate Adopter Categories Marketing Strategies and the Diffusion Process 7-26 Diffusion of Innovations Diffusion Categories of Innovations Continuous Innovation Adoption of this type of innovation requires relatively minor changes in behavior(s) that are unimportant to the consumer. Dynamically continuous Innovation Adoption of this type of innovation requires a moderate change in an important behavior or a major change in a behavior of low or moderate importance to the individual. Discontinuous Innovation Adoption of this type of innovation requires major changes in behavior of significant importance to the individual or group. 7-27 Diffusion of Innovations Adoption Process and Extended Decision Making 7-28 Diffusion of Innovations Diffusion Rates for Popular Consumer Electronics (Cumulative) 7-29 Diffusion of Innovations Factors Affecting the Spread of Innovations Type of Group Perceived Risk Type of Decision Trialability Marketing Effort Rate of Diffusion Fulfillment of Fulfillment Felt Need Felt Observability Compatibility Complexity Relative Advantage 7-30 Diffusion of Innovations Diffusion Adopter Categories Innovators Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards 7-31...
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