1.5.16. Corrections

1.5.16. Corrections - and acceleration vectors are drawn...

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1.5.16. Corrections For first question, student started drawing motion diagram with dots increasing from bottom,  showing acceleration, then drew equal length dots, showing constant speed and zero  acceleration, then drew dots closer together, drawing braking, or deceleration.  Velocity and  acceleration vectors are drawn correctly and in the right direction. Dotted lines show when  accelerations stops and where breaking begins.  Next questions shows dots starting out equal distance, thus showing constant speed and zero  acceleration, then they get closer and closer together, showing deceleration, then dots maintain  a smaller equal distance thus showing a smaller constant speed and zero acceleration. Velocity 
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Unformatted text preview: and acceleration vectors are drawn correctly and in the right direction. Dotted lines show when acceleration shops and changes in velocity. Final question shows dots starting out equal distance on one straight side of the track, showing constant speed and zero acceleration, then dots curve around bank, with acceleration pointing towards center of circular bank, velocity remains constant. Same goes for second half of track. Dotted lines show when acceleration starts and stops. Velocity and acceleration vectors are drawn correctly and in the right direction....
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