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In this region according to the table in the back of

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Unformatted text preview: First, write down all the pieces you have already. IR told us there's a carbonyl: Remember: Carbons like 4 bonds, Nitrogens like 3, Oxygens 2. I know that carbon makes two more bonds, but I don't know what yet, so I'll just leave them open (that's what the squiggly lines mean. Some people use slashes, but however you do, remember that those bonds are open). Now for the NMR peaks. Remember, the table values are general, so you may not see a specific peak. Also, it may say CH3, but it really means 'hydrogen on sp3 carbon'. In this region, according to the table in the back of your Lab book, you've got: CH3C(=O)R, R- CH2NR, R- CH2C6H5 Now it can't be the middle one - there's no nitrogen. Also, the last one is benzylic,...
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