And each methyl has 3 equivalent hydrogens so a t

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Unformatted text preview: how many H's are next to yours with the n+1 rule. For peak A, it's a triplet. n+1 = 3, so n = 2. There's a CH2 next to the H's represented by peak A. So, in conclusion, peak A is a CH2 next to a carbonyl and a CH2. Draw your puzzle pieces: Next: Peak B. Anything around 1 or so is just a normal carbon chain. Your integration is 2, so there are 2 hydrogens here. And it's a multiplet, so there's something on both sides. Here, you just know it's a mess, so you can't say exactly what's bordering it. Peak B is a CH2 with hydrogens on both sides. Here are your pieces now: Next: Peak C. Interesting - a 9H singlet. That means you have 9 perfectly equivalent hydrogens, but none of them are next to...
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