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1.8.27 Corrections First motion diagram is drawn correctly with dots starting from the top getting farther and farther  away from each other thus showing accelerations. Acceleration is also labeled -9.8m/s because  of gravity. Vectors are drawn correctly and are in the right direction.  Second motion diagram is drawn correctly with dots starting from the left equal distance,  showing constant speed and zero acceleration, then dots getting closer and closer together thus  showing acceleration in the negative direction because she is breaking. Dotted line also  indicates a change point in velocity and acceleration. Vectors are draw appropriately and in the  right direction.  Final motion body diagram shows two pictures, the first with the ball rolling up the 30 degree 
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Unformatted text preview: slope, with dots, starting from the left, getting closer and closer together and slowing down, because of the negative acceleration. The second picture shows the ball, starting from the right, increasing speed with dots getting further and further apart, also with a negative acceleration. The key to this problem is acceleration is pointed in the same direction, but the first slows down the object while the second speeds up the object. The velocity vectors however start out positive then go negative. Vectors are drawn appropriately and in the right direction....
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