A student who missed two or more labs cannot pass the

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Unformatted text preview: gularly. A student who missed two or more labs cannot pass the lab section of the class. If for a plausible excuse you must miss one of the labs, make sure to inform your TA well in advance, and to discuss with her/him whether or how a make-up might be possible. It is completely up to the TA to approve or reject this possibility. Missing one lab will clearly affect the grade. Lecture Notes: will be available on our course website on eCommons. The syllabus, the lab schedule, solutions to homework, and other material will also be available on this site. Be sure to familiarize yourselves with the site in order to not miss important information! Needed Equipment: Rulers and triangles, graphing paper, a calculator (not your cell phone), a stapler. Some of you may profit from a set of colored pencils. Academic Integrity: While I encourage students to work together in groups, be it in preparation for the weekly homework, or for the exams, each student must ensure a thorough understanding of the material and of the problems solved. Following your group study session or section, you should always write up your work indivi...
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