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Applications of the laws of thermodynamics 11 waves

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Unformatted text preview: rmodynamics. Applications of the laws of thermodynamics. 11) Waves. Properties of waves. Transverse and longitudinal waves. Mathematical description with emphasize on transverse waves. 12) Superposition of waves: Standing waves. 13) Sound waves. Power and intensity of a wave. Speed of sound. 14) Interference. 15) Beats. Waves in 2-D and 3-D. Brief introduction to electromagnetic waves. 16) Light and optics. Light models, diffraction and interference of light, Young’s double-slit experiment. 17) Diffraction, the diffraction grating. 18) Single-slit diffraction. 19) Interferometers. 20) Doppler Effect. 21) Geometrical optics. Reflection. 22) Refraction, total internal reflection, dispersion. 23) Image formation by refraction: Single and double refracting surfaces. 24) Thin lenses, real and virtual images. 25) Compound optical systems: The Galilean telescope. The microscope....
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