It is very important to note that due to the immense

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Unformatted text preview: nounced. It is very important to note that due to the immense workload of grading the homework by our TAs, I cannot accept late homework. The problems are selected from the material taught in the previous week of class. Taking the homework seriously is very important, because it helps you review the material, and prepares you for the exams. You might find attending the sections helpful. Further rules and regulations as well as details about the grading procedure will be discussed next week in class when the first homework set is posted. 2) Midterm Exam, 35%. This exam is scheduled for Friday, February 7 during class. 3) Final Exam, 45%. Please read this section very carefully! The final exam for the 8AM class is on Tuesday, March 18, 12 PM-3 PM and for the 9:30AM class on Wednesday, March 19, 4-7 PM in our classroom. It is extremely important to note that you must show up to the exam corresponding to the class in which you are enrolled. We will check IDs and if you are not on the roster, your exam will not be graded even if you turned it in! Labs: There will be a total of 7 labs. Labs must be attended re...
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