This is because it is the book in use by the

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Unformatted text preview: This is because it is the book in use by the department. Should you not like this book, here is a reference I recommend: ”Sears and Zemansky’s Universiy Physics” by Hugh Young and Roger Freedman, any edition. For example, the 1999 edition (10th edition) of this book is very affordable. Lab Manual: Phys 6M. The lab manual is available at the Bay Tree bookstore. TA Contact Information (for the labs): Ross Greenwood: Dean Henze: Noah Kent: Ahram Kim: Cameron MacKeen: Michael Medrano: Angelo Monteux: Joey Schindler: Emma Storm: Note that the instructor of record of the labs is George Brown. For questions concerning lab issues, please contact him ( While I will be trying to keep the lecture in sync with the labs, I am not responsible for the lab this quarter. Course Work: Your grade will be made up from the following three contributions: 1) Homework, 20%. Homework sets are assigned weekly on Fridays and are usually due on the following Friday unless otherwise an...
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