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5 water sachets for the watering points the local

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Unformatted text preview: r sachets for the watering points. The local road running association specifies that 2 sachets per runner should be available for every 5 kilometres. Each sachet costs 75 cents. The main race organisers are able to supply the correct quantity on demand. ? 6. Use of main race facilities This is for the use of the administrative facilities, toilets, etc. R3,500 7. Prizes to the top 10 finishers in the fun run R1,650 8. Entry forms and advertising R1,500 9. Refreshments for after the fun run – per person R3,400 R3.00 The fun run organised last year attracted 3,600 runners and it is anticipated that the same number should enter this year’s fun run. You hope to raise at least R60,000 for your charity organisation. Required: How much should be charged as the fun run entry fee per person? All workings should be clearly shown. Question and solution by Colin C Smith 2013...
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