Decrease by r31875 b decrease by r15000 c increase by

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Unformatted text preview: 31,875 b. decrease by R15,000 c. increase by R20,625. d. decrease by R3,125. e. increase by R15,000. CVP.04 Gerber (Pty) Limited is planning to sell 200,000 units for R2.00 a unit and will just break even at this level of sales. The contribution margin ratio is 25%. What are the company's fixed expenses? a. R100 000 b. R160 000 c. R200 000 d. R300 000 a. R150 000 Compiled by Colin C Smith 2013 Page 1 of 2 COST-VOLUME-PROFIT-ANALYSIS MCQ Use the following to answer questions CVP.05 to CVP.07 Roberts Limited bases its budget on the following data: Sales Selling price Variable expense Fixed expenses 3,600 units R50 per unit R15 per unit R40,530 CVP.05 If the company want...
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