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4.3.4 Corrections

4.3.4 Corrections - Question 7 states that two blocks are...

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4.3.4 Corrections Question 4 states that the car is on a very slippery ice road, thus concluding that friction is very  low. In addition, the car runs into a snow band, so the bank pushes a force against the car, in  the same direction friction would. Normal force is also acting on the car from the ground and  weight is acting on the car from gravity.  Question 5 states that a spring is pushing a block across a rough horizontal table, thus  concluding high friction.  In addition there is a force from the spring, normal force from the table,  and weight from gravity acting on the object.  Question 6 states that a brick is falling from the roof of a three story building, thus creating drag.  In addition there is also the force of weight on the object due to gravity. 
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Unformatted text preview: Question 7 states that two blocks are connected by a frictionless pulley. The pulley creates the force of tension while the table creates the normal force and the block creates the force of weight due to gravity. Question 8 states that a rocket is launched at a 30 degree angle and air resistance is not negligible thus concluding that there is a force of drag opposing the force of thrust. In addition there is also the force of weight due to gravity acting on the rocket. The student drew clear pictures and was correct with all labels however free body diagrams are not connected and sometimes hard to follow, however I still believe student deserves full credit....
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