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Unformatted text preview: •  Harvest the product •  Drop the product DesigningaMessage •  Message content (textbook 429 – 430) •  Message structure •  SA’s best loved ads have much in common: o  o  o  o  o  o  Entertainment. Viewer reward. Humour. Animals. Children, babies. Alcohol, soft drinks, cars, fast food. Promotion 2013/04/01 15 5 2013/04/01 Communication process Sender Encode MESSAGE Media Decode Receiver Noise Sender Sender Deciphering Communication Promotion 2013/04/01 17 2013/04/01 18 Deciphering Communication Promotion 6 2013/04/01 Deciphering Communication Promotion 2013/04/01 19 2013/04/01 20 Deciphering Communication Promotion Designing a Message •  The Role of Marketing Intermediaries: o  Meet campaign objectives o  Agencies are filled with “creative people” •  So let them be creative! o  How to let them be creative? - Briefs Promotion 2013/04/01 21 7 2013/04/01 ChoosingMediaChannels Personal o  2 or more people have direct contact o  Buzz marketing – opinion leaders and WOM o  Soc...
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