You will use the proc e e ds of this loa n to pa y

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Unformatted text preview: s a $200 non-re funda ble a pplic a tion fe e . Give n a ll this informa tion, should you re fina nc e ? How muc h do you ga in/lose if you do? Yo ur Ans wer Sco re Ex p lanatio n (ye s,ga in 19) (ye s, ga in15) (no, lose 15) (no, lose 29) https://c la ss.c our se r a .or g/intr of ina nc e - 005/quiz /f e e dba c k? submission_id= 92142 6/8 16/2/2014 Quiz Fe e dba c k | Cour se r a (no, lose 25) 1 5 .0 0 Corre c t de c ision, a nd c a lc ula tion c orre c t. You a re thinking right. (ye s, ga in 17) Tota l 1 5 .0 0 / 1 5 .0 0 Ques tio n Ex p lanatio n This is a n e ve n more re a listic ve rsion of the mortga ge proble m. Think c a re fully a bout time line s a nd re le va nt inte re st ra te s to ma ke diffe re nt c a lc ula tions. Question 10 (15 points) You ha ve just sta rte d your first job a nd you wa nt to ha ve the ba sic a pplia nc e s (fridge , wa she r, drye r, e tc .) in your a pa rtme nt. You fa c e the following c hoic e s: (i) Purc ha se a ll a pplia nc e s a t the store using a...
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