conduction position position and radiant heat input

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Unformatted text preview: ) Conduction (+/-) Position Position and radiant heat input Maximize surface Low Tb Tb Minimize surface High Tb Tb Three views of thermoregulation Three views of thermoregulation How How do animals thermoregulate? Behavioral mechanisms Behavioral mechanisms Physiology Physiology Precision of control Precision of control Why Why thermoregulate? What is the advantage? advantage? Optimize Optimize function (e.g., enzymes) Ultimate fitness value Ultimate fitness value How How does thermoregulation affect distribution and abundance? distribution and abundance? Lizard Lizard thermoregulation Sceloporus Sceloporus -- Spiny desert lizards Insectivorous Insecti Sceloporus Sceloporus merriami Texas Texas Oviparous Oviparous -- lays eggs Sceloporus Sceloporus jarrovi Arizona Arizona Viviparous Viviparous -- gives birth, no eggs laid Sceloporus Sceloporus merriami Sceloporus Sceloporus merriami (from Grant 1990 Ecology 71:2323-2333) Ecology 71:2323Summer active period: Summer active period: 7:30 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PM PM Avoids Avoids heat of midday retreats retreats to burrow within its home range Body temperature (Tb) mean + SE Body temperature mean SE Morning: Morning: 33.3 + 0.10 oC Eve...
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