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Unformatted text preview: ning: 37 Evening: 37.0 + 0.20 oC Why Why 2 different temperatures? Lizards Lizards behave similarly morning & evening at at 33oC sprint sprint speed is 25% greater than at 37oC water water loss is 33% less than at 37oC metabolic metabolic rate is 40% less than at 37oC Why have a 4oC greater Tb in the evening? Why have greater the evening? What What temperatures are available to available to the lizard? What are its choices, particularly in the What are its choices, particularly in the evening? evening? Determine Determine thermal properties of the the Lizard Copper model of the lizard Copper model of the lizard Thermocouple Thermocouple implant Paint lizard colors li Place Place in locations within home range and allow allow to equilibrate Yields possible Tb Yields Results Results Evening: Evening: 50-60% of locations within the 60% of locations within the home home ranges yield 36oC < Tb < 38oC If lizard avoids those high temperatures, hunting areas would be greatly reduced Cost Cost of maintaining ideal Tb (i.e., 33oC)...
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