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4oc nonpreg females nonpreg females mean mean tb 34oc

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Unformatted text preview: 34oC (SD = 1.4oC) Nonpreg females Nonpreg. females Mean Mean Tb = 34oC (SD = 1.4oC) Pregnant Pregnant females Mean Tb = 32oC (SD = 1.4oC) 32 SD SD -- Average deviation from mean 68% 68% of observations within 1 SD of mean Why Why is there a difference in Tb? Hypotheses Hypotheses (Mathies & Andrews) Pregnant females actively select lower Pregnant females actively select lower temperatures temperatures Higher Higher Tb would reduce fitness of pregnant would reduce fitness of pregnant females, females, because it would be harmful to: pregnant females pregnan embryos embryos both Testing Testing Hypothesis 1 Environmental Environmental chamber Post part Post-partum females, Pregnant females females Pregnant females 29oC 41oC Thermal Gradient experiment Thermal Gradient experiment Place females in the gradient box Place females in the gradient box Measure Measure Tb of females allowed to range freely freely Compare Compare pregnant vs. post-partum postfemales Three Three times during the day Results Conclusions Results & Conclusions Tb Significantly lower for pregnant Significantly females Overall: Overall: pregnant pregnant females post-partum fem...
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