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Unformatted text preview: Key="UUID:AAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAA-AAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAA"> <name>microsoft-com:creditcheck</name> <description xml:lang="en">Check credit limits</description> <overviewDoc> <overviewURL> </overviewURL> </overviewDoc> <categoryBag> <keyedReference tModelKey="UUID:CD153257-086A-4237-B336-6BDCBDCC6634" keyName="Consumer credit gathering or reporting services" keyValue=""/> <keyedReference tModelKey="UUID:C1ACF26D-9672-4404-9D70-39B756E62AB4" keyName="types" keyValue="wsdlSpec"/> </categoryBag> </tModel> 25 UDDI Providers, Services And Bindings Providers Examples: Accounting Department, Corporate Application Server Name, Description, Contact Information Categorization and Identification Information Services Examples: Purchase Order services, Payroll services Name, Description(s) Categorization Information Bindings Description(s), access points, parameters Examples: Access Point (http:...
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