Net provides simple test harness aspnet automatically

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Unformatted text preview: //...) for Web Service UDDI <bindingTemplate> <bindingTemplate> represents data and implementation details <bindingTemplate serviceKey="33c3d124-e967-4ab1-8f51d93d95fac91a" bindingKey="48f2bc6b-a6de-4be8-9f2b2342aeafaaac"> <accessPoint URLType="http"> http://localhost/HelloWorld/Service1.asmx </accessPoint> <tModelInstanceDetails> <tModelInstanceInfo tModelKey="uuid:64c756d1-33744e00-ae83-ee12e38fae63“/> </tModelInstanceDetails> </bindingTemplate> 26 UDDI Important UDDI Features Neutral in terms of protocols – as a registry, it can contain pointers to anything Can search by business, service, Web Service (tModel), binding Usage of Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) Specification allows public and private nodes Delineation between interface and implementation Outline Web Services Overview Underlying Technologies Developing a Web Service Consuming Web Services Miscellaneous 27 Developing a Web Service Basics Web Service Implemented in ASP.NET Similar to Web Forms, but have a .asmx file extension contains code, w/o UI Lives in a virtual directory Can have a code-behind ASP.NET provides simple te...
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