Categorization schemes uddi tmodel tmodel represents

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Unformatted text preview: ness Users Technical Users 23 UDDI UDDI Information Model Provider: Information about the entity who offers a service tModel: Descriptions of specifications for services. 1…n 0…n Service: Descriptive information about a particular family of technical offerings 0…n Bindings contain references to tModels. These references designate the interface specifications for a service. Binding: Technical information about a service entry point and construction specs UDDI UDDI Schema Interface Implementation <businessEntity> <businessService> <tModel> <bindingTemplate> <businessService> <tModel> <bindingTemplate> 24 UDDI How UDDI Works: tModel tModel = Technology Model Generic meta-data structure to uniquely represent any concept or construct Also includes interface protocol definitions Powerful abstraction modeling system Examples: WSDL files, XML schema, namespaces, categorization schemes UDDI <tModel> <tModel> represents meta-data and interfaces <tModel xmlns="urn:uddi-org:api" tModel...
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