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Unformatted text preview: tination 5 Web Services Overview Possibilities Scenario: Planning a trip Go to Expedia site (or Travelocity, or …) Log in. Find the flights you want Don’t have to reenter seat/meal/airline/frequent flyer/… info System can find lowest price fare by looking at your calendar(s) Purchase tickets w/o entering credit card # Flight info automatically added to your calendar and your spouse’s calendar Book rental car/hotel w/your preferences; added to calendar On day of trip get notified of flight status via email/toast/pager/cell phone Web Services Overview Application Model Partner Web Service Other Web Services Internet + XML End Users Partner Web Service Application Business Logic Tier Data Access and Storage Tier Other Applications 6 Web Services Overview Sample Web Services E-commerce: order books, office supplies, other products Track packages: UPS, FedEx Weather Maps Telephone redirection, customizable rules and messages Outline Web Services Overview Underlying Technologies Developing a Web Service Consuming Web Services Miscellaneous 7 Underlying Technologies XML Is the Glue Connectivity Presentation Connect the Web Browse the Web Connecting Applications Program the Web Underlying Technologies Web Services Stack (Standards) Directory: Publish & Find Services: UDDI Description: Formal Service Descriptions: WSDL Wire Format: Service Interactions: SOAP Universal Data Format: XML Ubiquitous Communications: Internet Simple, Open, Broad Industry Sup...
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