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Uddiorg locate a service request service return

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Unformatted text preview: e Response (XML) Web Service Protocols Web services are based on four protocols: Extensible Markup Language (XML) defines complex data structures Web Service Description Lanaguage (WSDL) Specifies the interface of the web service Discovery Protocol (DISCO) Pointer to all web services on a particular web site Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) Central repository of web service descriptions 10 Underlying Technologies Web Service Wire Format The Web Service Wire Format specifies how specific messages are exchanged HTTP-GET HTTP-POST SOAP HTTP-GET and HTTP-POST use a minimal HTTP interface to invoke Web Services Limited support for data types SOAP provides a robust HTTP/XML interface Extensive support for data types XML Overview XML Basics XML is designed to represent and transfer structured data In HTML: <p>Jan 15, 2020 </p> In XML: <OrderDate>Jan 15, 2020</OrderDate> XML does not display or transform data XML separates data from formatting and transforming HTML and XML are both derived from SGML In different ways 11 XML Overview XML Syntax XML is composed of tags and attributes Tags can be nested Representing entities, entity properties, and entity hierarchy <ROOT> OrderID="10643" CustomerID="ALFKI" <Orders OrderID="10643" CustomerID="ALFKI" EmployeeID="6" OrderDate=“2020 08-25T00:00:00" =“2020EmployeeID="6" OrderDate=...
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