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Webservicexnetglobalweatherasmxwsdl 22 uddi overview

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Unformatted text preview: gt; allows other entities for inclusion <definitions> <import> • <types> are data definitions xsd <types> • <message> defines parameters of a Web Service function <message> <portType> • <portType> defines input and output SOAP messages <binding> • <binding> specifies how each message is sent over the wire WSDL WSDL Schema Implementation • <service> specifies details about the implementation • <port> contains the address itself <definitions> <import> <service> <port> 21 WSDL WSDL Elements Open – allows for other namespaces and thus highly extensible Ability to import other schemas & WSDL Provides “recipe” for Web Services Provides both interface and implementation details Allows for separation of the two WSDL Example Example: Global Weather service http://www.webservicex.net/globalweather.asmx?WSDL 22 UDDI Overview UDDI = Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration Industry Initiative to address discovery A registration database for Web Services Specifications Schema for service providers and descriptions API for publishing and searching Developed on industry standards (XML, HTTP, TCP/IP, SOAP) Applies to both XML and non-XML services Implementation Public and private instances of specification UDDI The Vision Advanced Discovery via Portals and Marketplaces Marketplace UDDI Registries and Protocol Marketplace Marketplace Search Portal Search Portal Busi...
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