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Unformatted text preview: t" ... > <SelectedNodeStyle BackColor="Yellow" /> <HoverNodeStyle BackColor="LightBlue" /> <Nodes> <asp:TreeNode Text="Not selectable" SelectAction="None" RunAt="server"> <asp:TreeNode Text="Selectable" SelectAction="Select" RunAt="server" > <asp:TreeNode Text="Click to expand or collapse" SelectAction="Expand" Runat="server"> <asp:TreeNode Text="Click to select and expand or collapse" SelectAction="SelectExpand" Runat="server"> <asp:TreeNode Text="Check box node" ShowCheckBox="true" Runat="server"> <asp:TreeNode Text="Click to navigate" NavigateUrl="..." Runat="server" /> </asp:TreeNode> </asp:TreeNode> </asp:TreeNode> </asp:TreeNode> </asp:TreeNode> </Nodes> </asp:TreeView> Site Navigation – Menu Control <asp:Menu Orientation="Horizontal" RunAt="server"> <Items> <asp:MenuItem Text="Training" RunAt="server"> <asp:MenuItem Text="Programming .NET" RunAt="server" Navigateurl="Classes.aspx?id=1" /> <asp:MenuItem Text="Programming ASP.NET" RunAt="server" NavigateUrl="Classes.aspx?id=2" /> <asp:MenuItem Text="Programming Web Services" RunAt="server" NavigateUrl="Classes.aspx?id=3" /> </asp:MenuItem> <asp:MenuItem Text="Consulting" RunAt="server" NavigateUrl="Consulting.aspx" /> <asp:MenuItem Text="Debugging" RunAt="server" NavigateUrl="Debugging.aspx" /> </Items> </asp:Menu> 17 Site Navagation - SiteMap <siteMap> <siteMapNode title="Home" description="" url="default.aspx"> <siteMapNode title="Training" url="Training.aspx" description="Training for .NET developers"> <siteMapNode title="Programming .NET" url="Classes.aspx?id=1" description="All about the .NET Framework" /> <siteMapNode title="Programming ASP.NET" url="Classes.aspx?id=2" description="All about ASP.NET" /> <siteMapNode title="Programming Web Services" url="Classes.aspx?id=3" description="All about Web services" /> </siteMapNode> <siteMapNode title="Consulting" url="Consulting.aspx" description="Consulting for .NET projects" /> <siteMapNode title="Debugging" url="Debugging.aspx" description="Help when you need it the most" /> </siteMapNode> </siteMap> Site Navigation – TreeView and SiteMap <asp:SiteMapDataSource ID="SiteMap" RunAt="server" /> <asp:TreeView DataSourceID="SiteMap" RunAt="s...
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