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sophisticated locale aware formatting and parsing

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Unformatted text preview: em.DateTime struct for dates and times Virtually unlimited date values (100 AD to 9999 AD) Date and Time arithmetics built-in AddDays(), AddSeconds()... Sophisticated, locale-aware formatting and parsing System.TimeSpan struct for durations Can represent arbitrary timespans Can express span in aribitary units by conversion System.TimeZone for time-zone support System Namespace System.Console System.Console class for console I/O Supports standard in, standard out, standard error Writing to the console Write() or WriteLine() Supports String.Format syntax Console.Write("Snow White and the {0} dwarfs", 7); Reading from the console Read() reads one character ReadLine() reads one full line 12 System Namespace Other System Goodies System System.URI class Two-way parsing and construction of URIs System.Random class Random number generator System.Convert class One-stop place for core type conversions System Namespace Standard Interfaces IFormattable: Provides functionality to format the value of an object Format method: Formats the...
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