to enumerate items request the enumerator ienumerator

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Unformatted text preview: s IEnumerator IEnumerable and IEnumerator // Construct a type that manages a set of items // This type must offer a public GetEnumerator method SetType st = new SetType(...); // To enumerate items, request the enumerator IEnumerator e = st.GetEnumerator(); // Advance enumerator’s cursor until no more items while (e.MoveNext()) { // Cast the Current item to the proper type ItemType it = (ItemType) e.Current; // Use the item any way you want Console.WriteLine(“Do something with this item: “ + it); } Collection Classes Collections Interfaces ICollection (derived from IEnumerable) Basic collection interface: Count(), CopyTo(), IsSynchronized() IDictionary (derived from ICollection) Basic association container interface Keys / Values table implementation Item indexer looks up a value given its key Add(), Remove(), Contains() and Clear() methods IList (derived from ICollection) A collection whose objects can be individually indexed Item indexer looks up a value given its index Add(), Remove(), Cont...
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