A transaction executes exactly once and is atomic all

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Unformatted text preview: ntroduction System Namespace Collection Classes I/O and Networking Threading and Synchronization Transactions Exceptions Transactions Transaction Fundamentals Manual Transactions Automatic Transactions 34 Transactions Transaction Fundamentals A transaction is a unit of work in which a series of operations occur between the BEGIN TRANSACTION and END TRANSACTION statements of an application. A transaction executes exactly once and is atomic — all the work is done or none of it is. Transaction Boundary Transaction boundary varies depending on the transaction model you select for your application: manual or automatic Transactions Manual Transactions -- ADO.NET Connection object has BeginTransaction method that returns a Transaction object Call Commit or Rollback on Transaction object 35 Transactions Automatic Transactions Automatic Transactions and ASP.NET Automatic Transactions and Web Services Automatic Transactions and base Class Library Transactions Automatic Transactions and ASP.NET Di...
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