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Array systemcollectionsbitarray compact array of bits

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Unformatted text preview: ains() and Clear() methods 18 Collection Classes Collection Classes System.Collections.ArrayList Dynamic arrays implementing IList Can grow and shrink in size (unlike System.Array) System.Collections.BitArray Compact array of bits System.Collections.HashTable Fast hash-table implementing IDictionary Uses HashCode of object There is no Dictionary class; use HashTable System.Collections.SortedList Auto-sorted, string- and integer- indexed collection No duplicates Collection Classes System.Collections.ArrayList using System; using System.Collections; public class SampleArrayList { public static void Main() { // Create and initialize a new ArrayList. ArrayList myAL = new ArrayList(); myAL.Add("Hello"); myAL.Add("World"); myAL.Add("!"); // Display the properties and values. Console.WriteLine( "myAL" ); Console.WriteLine( "\tCount: {0}", myAL.Count ); Console.WriteLine( "\tCapacity: {0}", myAL.Capacity ); "\ Console.Write( "\tValues:...
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