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Unformatted text preview: " ); PrintValues( myAL );} public static void PrintValues( IEnumerable myList ) { System.Collections.IEnumerator myEnumerator = myList.GetEnumerator(); while ( myEnumerator.MoveNext() ) Console.Write("\ Console.Write("\t{0}", myEnumerator.Current ); Console.WriteLine(); } } 19 Collection Classes Other Collection Classes System.Collections.Stack Stack implementation with Push() and Pop() Fully enumerable (implements IEnumerable) System.Collections.Queue Queue with Dequeue() and Enqueue() Fully enumerable Collection Classes System.Collections.Stack using System; using System.Collections; public class SamplesStack { public static void Main() { // Create and initialize a new Stack. Stack myStack = new Stack(); myStack.Push("Hello"); myStack.Push("World"); myStack.Push("!"); Console.WriteLine( "myStack" ); "\ Console.WriteLine( "\tCount: {0}", myStack.Count ); "\ Console.Write( "\tValues:" ); PrintValues( myStack ); }...
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