Format and iformattable stringformat

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Unformatted text preview: value of the current instance as specified. IDisposable: Provides explicit control of releasing resources 13 System Namespace IFormattable String.Format and IFormattable String.Format String.Format(“Please order {0} widgets at {1} each.”, i, f); String.Format(“{0:U}”, DateTime.Now); Implement IFormattable for custom formatting of your own types interface IFormattable { String Format(String format, IServiceObjectProvider sop); } Use IServiceProvider to get culturally-aware delimiters for numbers and date/time Implement ICustomFormatter to override default formatting for built-in types System Namespace IDisposable Example class class ResourceWrapper : IDisposable { private IntPrt handle; // Pointer to an external resource private OtherResource otherRes; bool disposed = false; private void freeState () { // Free your own state if (!disposed) { CloseHandle (handle); dispose = true; } } // Free your own state, call dispose on all state you hold, // and take yourself off the Finalization queue public void Dispose () { freeState(); OtherRes.Dispose(); GC.Suppress.Fi...
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