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Iobinaryreader designed for typed access to stream

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Unformatted text preview: nchronous support Call BeginRead() or BeginWrite() and pass callback Callback is invoked as soon as data is received. Asynchronous call completed with EndRead()/EndWrite() System.IO.FileStream Can open and access files directly Actual type returned by File.Open() System.IO.MemoryStream Constructs a stream in-memory 23 I/O and Networking Stream Readers Higher level access to Stream reading functions System.IO.BinaryReader Designed for typed access to stream contents Read methods for most core data types ReadInt16(), ReadBoolean(), ReadDouble(), etc. System.IO.TextReader Abstract base class for reading strings from streams System.IO.StreamReader (inherits TextReader) ReadLine() reads to newline ReadToEnd() reads full stream into string System.IO.StringReader (inherits TextReader) Simulates stream input from string I/O and Networking Stream Writers High-level access to Stream writing functions System.IO.BinaryWriter Designed for typed writes to streams >15 strongly typed overloads for Write() method System...
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