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Unformatted text preview: Transactions Exceptions Introduction .NET Base Class Library One-stop, well-organized class framework O/S-independent subset submitted to ECMA Standardization backed by Microsoft, HP, Intel Subset includes most things covered here Integrates all current Windows technologies Everything in one place – for all languages W indows Forms, GDI+, printing for Windows development W eb Forms, Web Services, networking for web development Supports Active Directory, WMI, MSMQ, Services 4 Introduction Benefits Cross-language interoperability Simplifies multi-language development, effectively providing a common language API Supplies a standard set of classes, interfaces, and structures for any language targeting .NET CLR Consistent and unified programming model Replaces many existing COM libraries Object-oriented and extensible class library Inheritance, polymorphism and method overloading Abstract base classes, Interfaces Outline Introduction System Namespace Collection Classes I/O and Networking Threading and Synchronization Transactions Exce...
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