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Unformatted text preview: eferences are to the same object System.Object.Finalize() To be overridden by subclasses. Called when object is garbage collected System.Object.GetHashCode() Used with System.Collections.HashTable Should be overriden to return good hashes Good hash distribution speeds up hash tables 7 System Namespace System.Object Methods System.Object.GetType() Retrieves the type object for the object's class GetType() is the entry point for .NET Reflection System.Object.MemberwiseClone() Creates an exact clone of this object Works through Reflection with any class ToString() To be overriden; returns text representation Default returns qualified name of this class Not designed for user messages (use IFormattable) System Namespace System.Object Examples Public class Person { String name; public override string ToString(){ return name; } } Name n1 = new Name(“Fred”); Name n2 = new Name(“Fred”); Name n3 = n2; //n2 & n3 point to the same object if if if if (n1 == n2) … // false (n2 == n3) … // true (n1.Equals(n2)) … // true (n2.Equals(n3)) … // true 8 System Namespace “Primitive” Types Traditionally percei...
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