Somedata 1234 create delegate for entry point on

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Unformatted text preview: de-Off: Must take care of synchronization Thread represents a system thread Threads are launched with entry point delegate Object-oriented threading model No arguments passed to entry point Thread launch-state is set on object hosting the delegate Automatic ThreadPool for each app domain Threading Creating Thread // Instantiate class that shall execute on thread Pulsar pulsar = new Pulsar(); pulsar.SomeData = 1234; // Create delegate for entry point on instance ThreadStart threadStart = new ThreadStart(pulsar.Run); // Create new thread object and start the thread Thread thread = new Thread(threadStart); thread.Start(); // Do other things ... // Wait for thread to complete thread.Join(); 32 Synchronization System.Threading.Monitor System.Threading.Monitor class // Enter critical section or wait Monitor.Enter(this); // Perform guarded action internalState = SomeAction( ); // Release lock Monitor.Exit(this); // C# intrinsic equivalent lock (this) { internalState = SomeAction( ); } Synchronization Timers Timer class for timed callbacks 33 Outline I...
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