String example string comparison public static int

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Unformatted text preview: vanced formatting ToLower(), ToUpper() Format() much like C's printf but safe System Namespace System.String Example // string comparison Public static int Main() { string s =“abc”; string s1; s1 = s; // s1 and s refer to the same object string s2 = “abc”; if (s1 == s2) Console.WriteLine(“Strings are equal”); else Console.WriteLine(“This shouldn’t happen!”); return 0 } 10 System Namespace System.Text.StringBuilder Efficient way to build up a string by concatenating, replacing, inserting and removing substrings Automatically increases buffer size Can control manually too System Namespace Other Core Types System.Byte, System.SByte – Single byte numeric System.Char – Single Unicode character System.Boolean – True or False logical value System.Guid 128-bit, universally unique identifier Built-in generator: System.Guid.NewGuid() Intrinsic conversions to and from strings, byte arrays The "Nothings" System.DBNull – database-equivalent NULL type System.Empty – like COM's VT_EMPTY System.Missing – used with optional args 11 System Namespace Date and Time Support Syst...
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