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Unformatted text preview: .IO.TextWriter Abstract base class for writing strings to streams Includes placeholder-formatted strings System.IO.StreamWriter (inherits TextWriter) W rites strings to streams with encoding support System.IO.StringWriter Simulates streams--writes on an output string 24 I/O and Networking Stream Reader Example // Reading Text Files NewFile(“C:\ Projects\ File fIn = NewFile(“C:\\dotNet Projects\\Readme.txt”); StreamReader strm = fIn.OpenText(); String sLine; do { sLine = strm.ReadLine(); AddItem(sLine); } while (sLine != null); Strm.close(); I/O and Networking Stream Writer Example public class MyWriter { private Stream s; public MyWriter(Stream stream) { s = stream; } public void WriteDouble(double myData) { byte b = myData.GetBytes(); // GetBytes is a binary representation of // a double data type. s.Write(b,0,b.Length); } public void Close() { s.Close(); } } 25 Disk Files Use the FileStream class (along with others) Three steps you'll need to perform Open a file (use the constructor or static method) Read or write to the file For simple binary data, use the Stream class...
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