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Earth has a large iron nickel core but the moon does

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Unformatted text preview: lverized layer of impact ejecta… mineral dust, beads of impact glass Formation of the Moon ! Earth has a large iron-nickel core, but the moon does not Moon is far less dense than Earth, due to the lack of a significant core Oxygen isotopic composition of the Earth and moon are identical, where other terrestrial planets have differing O isotopic signatures (moon formed in other our neighborhood) No other terrestrial planet (in our system) has such a large satellite ! Impact Hypothesis ! ! ! • Moon is the result of a glancing impact from a Mars-sized object, early in the history of the solar system Terrestrial Planets: Mars Mars ! Orbit: Diameter: Density: ! Thin atmosphere ! ! • • ! Evidence of abundant volcanism in recent geologic past Unclear but compelling evidence of surface liquid water in distant past • Some evidence of liquid water seepage from interior in recent past • Most water lost early in history, due to gravitational loss from atmosphere Geologically de...
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