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1.41 correction - • Vectors are drawn correctly with...

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1.41 Correction – Raquel Ugues Student first drew picture into two sections of motion; picture is clear and easy to understand Then student labeled information of rolling object, labeling the first section of motion with x 0 v 0 , and a 0 , and the second section with x 1 , v 1 , and a 1 x 0 , v 0 , a 0 , x 1 , and v 1  are labeled correctly, however I do not agree with the students label of  a 1.  It is unclear how this student came to this solution, what formulas were used, etc.  Student then drew a physical representation of motion diagram. 
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Unformatted text preview: • Vectors are drawn correctly with equal distance in the first section and decreasing distance in the second section. In addition, acceleration is zero in first section, which is correct. However, once again in second section, acceleration is present, but the value given to acceleration is unclear. • Because of effort and being mostly correct, I accept this student’s work....
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