Clapham wb 1992 natural ecosystems 2da edic the

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Unformatted text preview: dic. The Benjamin Cumming Publishing Co. Redwood City. CA. 634p. BEGON, M., HARPER, J.L. & TOWSNSEND, C.R. 2005. Ecology, Individuals, Populations and Communities. 3era Edic. Blackwell Scientific Publications. Oxford. 945p. BREWER, R. 1994. The Science of Ecology. Sanders College Publish. Philadelphia. 935p. CLAPHAM, W.B. 1992. Natural Ecosystems. 2da Edic. The Macmillan Company. New York/ Collier Macmillan Limited. London. 248p. CHIRAS, D. 1990. Enviroment Science. The Benjamin Publishing Co. 3era Edic. Redwood City CA. 549p. DESHMUKH, D. 1986. Ecology and Tropical Biology. Blackwell Scientific Publications. Oxford. 387 p. EHRLICH, P.R. & ROUGHGARDEN, 1987. The Science of Ecology. Macmillan Publishing Co. New York. 710p. ENKERLIN, E., CANO, G., CORREA, A. N. y ROBLES, A. G. 2000. Vida Ambiente y Desarrollo en el siglo XXI: Lecciones y acciones. Grupo Editorial Iberoamerica. 1ra. Edic. México. 251p. KIRAS, E. 1994. El desarrollo sustentable y las empresas. Grupo Editorial Iberoamerica. 1 ra. Ed...
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