Veremos entonces cmo viejos debates se entroncan hoy

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Unformatted text preview: ecer un espacio de autonomía frente al capitalismo global. Veremos, entonces, cómo viejos debates se entroncan hoy con nuevas configuraciones políticas y experiencias en diversos países de la región y reintroducen en la agenda cuestiones tan vigentes como el desarrollo y la dependencia. Palabras clave: América Latina – estado-nación – desarrollo – dependencia – globalización – CEPAL – marxismo – neo-marxismo Abstract Once completed the cycle of structural adjustment and pro-market and neoliberal– oriented reforms of the state sector during the nineties, a new period has begun in Latin America. In the context of globalization, classical problems such as development, dependence and the role of the national state regain theoretical and practical relevance. In this paper we review a very rich critical tradition, from the development vision of CEPAL to the theory of dependence (including the contributions of Marxist and neo-Marxists) that have made an 1 Abogada, Master en Administra...
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