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Charles Hargrave English 11 11/2/07 Dr. Pearson A Picture is Worth 1000 Words It is a rarity to see a six foot six inch national icon in a pose that suggests weakness and loneliness. The picture of Michael Jordan taken by Walter Iooss screams that humanity is loneliness. In this photograph Michael Jordan is depicted alone in a dark hotel room, his ankle injured and soaking in a bucket. This humanistic vulnerability is a message that is sometimes not easy to hear in our modern world. Media coverage of the rich and famous make sure to portray people like Michael Jordan in a form that almost suggests immortality, but here, in this photo, he is aloof to his natural persona. Michael Jordan is the epitome of the American sports star. One could argue that he is the most famous American Athlete of all time. During his prime he accumulated a massive collection of awards and set numerous records. He is an olympic gold medalist, five time winner of the NBA MVP award, and Sports Illustrated named him Sportsman of the Year in 1991. He has the highest career scoring average in the NBA and the most consecutive games scoring in double figures. By no means is he simply an athlete. "MJ" is a media icon. As an athlete he helped market companies like Nike, Coke, Chevrolet, Gatorade, and McDonald's. Nike and MJ created the signature shoe called the Air Jordan which are still in production today. He even appeared in the highly popular children's movie "Space Jam". Even though he has been retired for some time he still has binding endorsement deals for companies like Hanes. Unlike his binding endorsement deals, MJ is not an advertisement well lit in store windows.
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One of the most eye catching elements of Iooss's photograph is ironically not very eye catching at all. The photo is very dark, even unnecessarily dark. It is clear that the entire left side of the photo contains details that are deceptive to the eye yet
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MJ - Charles Hargrave English 11 11/2/07 Dr. Pearson A...

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