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Unformatted text preview: a student skipped the prescalar of 1 it is fine **Note: If a student assumed worst case time is 2 clks it is fine also Name: Lab Section: Question 3: Software implemented Input Capture (15 pts) a) Complete the bubble diagram below to implement a Mealy State Machine that implements a positive edge detector (i.e. the state machine outputs 1 each time a positive edge occurs on the input). Assume at Start the input to the state machine is initially 0 ( 5 pts) b) Assume the ATMEGA128 does not have Input Capture hardware. Write a C program to save TIMER1’s count value when a positive edge event occurs on PortD, pin4. Note: you may want to do 4c first. (5 pts) int main(void) { unsigned int rising_edge_time; // For grading do not mark off for not having this DDRD &= 0b11101111; // set wire 4 of PortD for input while(1) { // Check if the current value of wire 4 is 0 if( ( PIND & 0b00010000) == 0) { // wai...
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