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Homework 7 Solution

8 ms duration between two consecutive bits including

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Unformatted text preview: ssed. The data frame consists of a start bit and the seven data bits. The start bit is 3 ms of IR activity (that means IR transmitter is turned on). A data bit of value 1 is encoded as IR activity of 2 ms duration, and 0 is encoded as IR activity of 0.8 ms duration. Between two consecutive bits (including the start bit and the first data bit) there is 0.8ms duration of no IR activity. The IR remote sends the most significant bits first. Assume an IR receiver converts IR signal into logic 1 or 0. It is active low, which means 1 for no IR activity and 0 for IR activity. The output of the IR receiver is connected to the input capture pin of Timer 1 through a jump wire. The system clock runs at 16MHz. a. [5]...
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